Under what circumstances should we keep this distance?

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In the movie "the lion king", the bloody battle in the animal world is caused by the curious intrusion of Simba the little lion into the sphere of influence of other countries. Of course, this range is not separated by visible barriers and lacks obvious signs, but this sense of "domain" is deeply rooted in animal consciousness and hard to change. Human beings have accepted the animal's demand for territory and the instinct of subconsciously defending territory. However, the size and degree of the demand space vary according to the situation of human beings.

We need to communicate with other people every day. In this process, it is very important to keep a distance and keep our personal space free from interference.

According to the scientific measurement, people divide the body space into four different boundaries according to the different communication environment, and adjust it according to the different nature of communication and the intimate relationship between the objects of communication.

(1) intimate distance. This communication distance allows physical contact, which can be quantified as 0-45cm. It can only be generated in the communication relationship between husband and wife, couple, extremely close friends or children attached to their parents.

(2) personal distance. We often use this distance in informal conversation, which is quantified as 45-120 cm. Like talking with an old friend who happened to meet at the roadside and chatting with his classmates at a classmate's party, the distance is more appropriate, which is cordial and not too intimate.

(3) politeness distance. It can be used in personal social conversation and business negotiation, with a quantification of 1.2-3.6 meters. The shop assistant receives customers through the counter, and the trade representative conducts business negotiation through the negotiation table. At this time, eye communication plays a role in communicating with both sides at a certain geographical distance, and it is extremely impolite not to look at each other.

(4) public distance. This distance is used in public speeches and teachers' lectures, which is more than 3.6 meters. It is mainly suitable for us to deal with a large number of people. In this case of geographical distance, a mature speaker will use some body language to adjust the psychological feeling, that is, pull in the psychological distance. For example, the speaker will use the way of looking around to pay attention to the speakers in every corner, so that no one feels left out.