How to make a first impression?

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People often have a deep memory of a person's first impression, and it is difficult to change their understanding of the first impression. So the first impression is very important. Whether it's negotiation or love, the first impression plays an important role. When I know a person, I usually start with speech and behavior, because good speech and behavior will bring people beautiful enjoyment. I especially enjoy the time with such people. If I can, I even hope to have dinner with her for further communication. Here, I give you some tips:

Nature is the key

Many people ask: how to be generous and decent. In fact, it's very simple, just natural. But some people think that nature is casual. In fact, it is not. Casual and nature are two different concepts. You can do whatever you want at home, but in social situations, it's not OK. What we mean by nature is the natural fluency of speech and behavior. When you meet for the first time, you should bring this nature to the people you want to know.

Smile naturally

I think smiling greetings are more likely to infect people than verbal greetings. When you meet for the first time, if you show a kind and natural smile, others will feel that you are very happy to meet him. This is the first step of meeting etiquette. On the contrary, if your smile is stiff and grudging. Others will think that you are not happy to let him close to you.

So, when you meet for the first time, pay attention to your smile. What kind of smile is natural? I suggest a little bit of teeth. Some people think it's appropriate to smile without showing your teeth. I don't agree with this. You may take a look in the mirror and find out the most suitable smile for you. This smile belongs to you.

Talk naturally

After smiling, it's necessary to say hello and talk about things that interest each other. At this time, some women tend to appear a little more restrained. Especially if the other party is a gentleman, the inexperienced lady will not know how to behave.

If you are in such a situation, you may as well let go and have a natural chat. Imagine that you're the gentleman, and you don't want to be too reserved with the lady you're talking to, which only shows the unpleasant feelings you bring to others. In this way, others will be thousands of miles away from you.

So, I always tell people around me that the first key to elegance is nature. Maintaining the status quo.

Handshake etiquette

Handshake at first meeting is a kind of friendly expression, but the etiquette of handshake can not be ignored. It's not to shake hands casually, it's the expression of politeness. If this link is not handled properly, it will inevitably put yourself into an awkward situation.

Handshake strength should not be too heavy or too light

When we meet and shake hands, we should prevent the weak way of shaking hands. Similarly, it is not advisable to forcefully hold each other's hands. For female friends, we should pay attention to both. When you shake hands weakly, the other person may guess that you despise him. Therefore, such a situation should be avoided.

In particular, do not shake others when holding them. It's not a show of hospitality. On the contrary, people will think you're rude. Generally, when shaking hands, you only need to tap three times.

go through the motions

Holding is also a taboo. After a couple of taps, you have to retract your hand. Even if the other person is the one you admire for a long time, don't hold it in nostalgia, it will make others have a bad impression on you.

Ladies should reach out for friendship first

If you are a handshake between a man and a woman, the woman should extend her hand generously first. If the man opposite you is the one you want to know, don't be shy of reaching out your hand. Because in the handshake ceremony, the handshake between men and women must be initiated by the woman, which is a manifestation of respect for the woman. If he doesn't want to shake hands with you, he is not a gentleman.
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In psychology, people are more impressed with a series of things that appear at first and last. The former is called "primacy effect", and the latter is called "proximate effect".

How important is the first impression in love

The first cause effect in love refers to a kind of love effect produced by the first meeting between men and women, which is commonly known as the first impression. It plays a strong role in love.

In love, one side's impression of the other is often preconceived. It is very important for both men and women to make a first impression when they meet for the first time. The quality of the first effect on each other is directly related to the development of the relationship between men and women in the future. Therefore, the first cause effect should be paid special attention to, which is an important link in the art of love.

The reason why it is important to say the "first impression" of the first meeting between men and women is that this is the starting point of understanding. Although this is not a deep understanding of the essence, it is, after all, the basis of rational understanding. The first impression is unforgettable. It lasts for a long time. At the same time, its function is also very strong, which is more than the effect of the later information on the whole impression of things.

If a man and a woman meet each other for the first time, one of them will break the contract or misbehave himself, which will inevitably cause the other party's unhappiness and leave a bad first impression on the other party. Since then, it will affect the future exchanges between the two sides, and the serious ones will break up.

Therefore, when the two sides meet for the first time, they should try to give each other a good impression. Of course, this is not to say that in order to make a good impression on the other party, we deliberately make it up. On this issue, both men and women should neither deliberately make affectations nor adopt indifferent attitudes.

So, how can we form a good first cause effect and leave a good first impression on each other?

How important is the first impression in love

(1) on the first date, both men and women should be on time. Especially for men, it's better to make an appointment in advance to welcome the arrival of women. Some people think that women are generally shy and it is reasonable to arrive late. In fact, this is not good. The reason is very simple, late is a breach of contract. Losing credit doesn't make a good impression on the other side.

(2) when meeting for the first time, both men and women should pay attention to their dress, neither covering their faces with dirt nor over dressing. The clothes are filthy, wrinkled, slovenly, and certainly not beautiful, which will not leave a good impression, but it is not that the more gorgeous the clothes are, the more exquisite they are. As long as the dress is harmonious and appropriate, it will produce a beautiful effect and leave a good impression on the other party. Women's make-up should be just right. If it is made like a ghost or a demon, it will make the other party tired and form a bad impression.

(3) when meeting for the first time, both men and women should talk appropriately. Don't talk too much, no matter whether the other side likes listening or not, it's a hammer in the East and a hammer in the West. Don't show off your worth and knowledge. Don't be domineering. We should pay attention to the beauty of language, not to speak vulgar words, not to force words to be reasonable. Talk to each other in terms of language or vision. If the other party is shy and nervous, resulting in mistakes in language or behavior, do not make it too late, and help the other party to get through the difficulties. In this way, they will leave a good impression on each other.

(4) pay attention to each other's psychological activities during the first meeting. According to the other party's psychological response, adjust your own direction of action, pay attention to the other party's posture and expression, and adjust your own conversation content according to the other party's response. Don't say what the other side won't listen to, don't do what the other side won't see.

How important is the first impression in love

In short, the quality of the "first cause effect" is an important issue related to whether the relationship between men and women continues to develop and how fast it will develop. I hope that when people fall in love, they will leave a good first impression on each other.

On the other hand, we also need to know that the first impression formed in love is not necessarily objective and true, so it is not necessarily completely reliable. In our judgment of the object of love, if we judge each other only by "the first impression", it is easy to form a cognitive bias. As the saying goes, "if you are far away, you will know the horsepower. You will see the heart of the people for a long time." We should observe and analyze each other calmly, carefully and comprehensively in order to form a more comprehensive impression and make a more accurate judgment. We should be able to see the essence through the phenomenon, fully and correctly understand and understand each other in the long-term relationship, so as to prevent the "gold and jade, the loser" from blinding their own eyes, and do not let the real lover lose the hand with themselves.
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The first impression is very important in love. These two factors make the first impression!

We often say that the first impression we leave to others is very important, and the same applies to men and women. The first impression you give others will even decide whether they want to contact you or not. The first impression a person gives others is generally expressed by "external characteristics". Generally speaking, a person's posture, posture, conversation, dress, etc. all reflect the internal quality and other personality characteristics of the person to a certain extent. A good first impression will not be forgotten, but will also have a very big impact on the later two people's communication. Help, if you turn it around, it's bad.

"Love at first sight, always look at the face." when most people meet for the first time, the first thing they see is definitely the appearance, dress, body and so on of each other. As for self-cultivation and conversation, it is something that can be found only after communication, and inside, it can only be found after a long time together. Therefore, appearance is very important when men and women meet for the first time. Even if your normal image is not good, you must dress up for the first time. If you can't, at least you should be clean, because one day you can be sure that no one likes to be with the sloppy people.

The first impression you give others is easy to set in their hearts. When I see you on Monday, the first thing I remember is the first impression you give. Even if you want to change, or have changed, it is also difficult to correct the impression of the other party on yourself. After all, habit is really a terrible thing. The first impression is that I think it's good. In the future, I'll basically succeed in communication. Anyway, 80% of my energy will be able to be a bachelor.

In addition to the hardware factors such as dress, appearance and height, there is also a software factor that can also leave a good impression on others, that is, talking. Many people like to judge a person's character and connotation according to the way they talk or the way they deal with each other when they meet for the first time.

Some people like to show their knowledge when chatting with each other subconsciously, so they are likely to be voluble and boastful. In fact, such an approach will be very unpopular, making people feel that vanity is strong or the state of mind is too impetuous. Of course, you can't fart for half a day, which will make both of you very embarrassed. And try not to show the appearance of self cooked when meeting each other for the first time. Most people don't like self cooked. Chatting is really an art. You need to know when to say and when to listen. Language can reflect a person's cultural quality and inside information, and also highlight a person's demeanor and temperament. If you speak in a proper way, it will naturally make others feel good, and it will be easier to develop in the future.

Generally speaking, appearance and conversation can make a strong first impression. If you feel good in these two aspects, further development is not difficult. Of course, in the future, you must remember what your first impression is on others. If the difference is too big, it will make people feel untrue.