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The characteristic of "semi suggestive method" is that although the courter does not say "I love you" clearly, the courting information is clearer than "suggestive" and requires the receiving party to respond quickly. For example, if you buy movie tickets, concert tickets and so on, invite the other party to go out to watch together; invite the other party to go for a walk, outing and so on alone; you can also give the other party your own photos and show your love poems and famous sayings on the back; you can also send the other party a bunch of flowers, several lovesickness beans and so on, and you can also convey the love information to the other party. In the movie "like an arrow at home", Yu Zhen said to Wei Desheng, who helped her carry water, "OK, I want you to pick water for me for a lifetime."

In reality, when one side is in love with the other and does not know whether the other side is interested in himself or not, this semi suggestive method should be adopted. It can be used as a stone to ask for the way, or as the first expression of one's attachment to another. A pair of confidants who would not have dared to make a statement can follow the human track in an easy way.

"Half suggestion method" is generally applicable to the following situations: after "suggestion" to express love, it is found that the other party implicitly expresses not to refuse, so they want to use a more specific "half suggestion method" to raise the temperature, in order to enter the stage of open love; although both parties know and have good feelings, they suffer from no chance to show their love for a long time, so they summon up courage and shoot out. Love at first sight in social occasions, I'm afraid it will be difficult to see each other again after losing the opportunity, so I will show my admiration.