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"Dating" is a romantic thing, but there is a crisis behind romance. If we can pay attention to dating safety, it will make dating more romantic. Appointment security can be divided into pre appointment and appointment in two aspects.

Before appointment

1. Tell family members or close friends and roommates about the date, time, place and scheduled home time as much as possible.

2. Before going to an appointment, you should fully understand the itinerary of the last appointment, and frankly refuse or propose the place you are familiar with if it is inappropriate or inappropriate.

3. Be careful not to date too early or too late.

4. Pay attention to the proper and safe location of the date, and avoid the secret and dark place.

5. Understand the basic data of the first date.

6. When dating someone you don't know, you can find a friend to accompany you.


1. For dinner or celebration, try not to drink.

2. Don't drink drinks or food that the other party bought and opened separately.

3. Do not stay alone with the other party in their accommodation or rooms.

4. If you don't feel right, you should calm down and go to Lishan right away.

5. If the travel is changed temporarily, safety shall be taken as the first consideration.