Never say "break up"

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One of the most painful things in life is to lose someone you love. It's not worth it if you lose because of an impulsive breakup. Men and women who love each other, don't be brave when talking. If you really still love. If you really care, don't pretend to lose it doesn't matter. Don't make such a joke. You may feel that it doesn't matter to lose when you make such a joke. However, if you form the habit of saying goodbye when you quarrel, your love will easily end with a goodbye, and you will never keep a predestined heart.

With high repetition rate, fake plays come true. "All the people make money, and all the people are ruined." Any lie that you hear too much can become truth. The right way to make love last forever is to face the gap between two people and try to find the balance between two people slowly in the age of love! Never say to break up impulsively when you still have love in your heart, because

One of the most painful things in life is that there is a deep love in my heart, but it's hard to keep each other because of the impulse to break up. So, don't be careless!

After breaking up, I was in debt, and what I didn't get was the most beautiful. I didn't know to cherish until I lost it. But the treasure of the object has gone, leaving their own only regret and memories. Sad memories, which can't be erased forever, even indulge in them and can't extricate themselves. After breaking up, you should not only be in debt, owe to yourself, owe to the other party, but also face the cold shoulder or criticism of all social relations between yourself and the other party. You also have financial debt. Your investment in love is in vain. You need to buy new capital again, which aggravates your debt.

Breaking up is not fun or funny. Breaking up is not a game or a dream. Let's not play this joke too much, otherwise it's not only the other side, but also ourselves who are hurt. Breaking up is always a sad thing. The hardest thing in the world is to let the beloved go. Therefore, it is not only the people who once loved each other, but also the heaven that tears. Before we say break-up, let's think again: can we break up? Then it's not too late to break up.