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Some people think that secret love is not to let the other party know, it is called secret love. Should be quiet slowly to chew the taste of secret love, in order to experience their own pure mood changes and likes and dislikes in secret love. From a psychological point of view, it's an opportunity to know oneself. Psychologist Eriksson said: "the love of young people is essentially a kind of self-image that projects its confusion to another person, and then sees itself in a gradually clear reflection."

How long does secret love take to give up?

The biggest psychological struggle and contradiction of a person in secret love is to let the other party know his love, on the one hand, he is afraid that he doesn't like himself, and on the other hand, he has to face the mystery of success or failure; if he doesn't tell the truth, he is afraid that he will miss the opportunity later, and he is more sad; after the confession, if the answer is to face failure, some people prefer to enjoy secret love Taste. When do you want to give up the secret love? Everyone's answer and situation are different. Some people enjoy the secret love, some people enjoy it until they like another person, some people love it until the other person falls in love, and some people love it forever. What's the best? Think about the purpose of your secret love!
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Each will have its own favorite or adored object, but some people dare to express, some people bury their hearts and don't show their heart, let full of Acacia surge into their hearts. In fact, it's very painful to fall in love with someone secretly. When you are in love, you will even make yourself sleepy and restless. You have no interest in doing anything, and even no motivation. In fact, it's also happy to fall in love with someone secretly. After all, you have a favorite object, but you dare not express it. How can people in secret love get out of lovesickness? Let's talk about it.

1. You need to find out what kind of situation you are secretly in love with, that is to say, whether the other party has a lover at present. If the other party already has an ownership, then you belong to unrequited love. In this case, your unrequited love will only increase your pain. Simply try to give up and adjust your mind, otherwise it will only make you more uncomfortable. If the other party does not have a lover, then you should not embarrass yourself, let go of the courage to approach actively and seize the opportunity to express your love to him. You should know that it's better to say something earlier than to hold it in your heart, otherwise you may have internal injuries.

2. It's not a scandal to secretly love someone, and there's nothing shameful about it. As for the object of secret love, if there is already a lover, then you should treat this matter with a positive and open-minded attitude, and never hate each other. Everyone has the right to choose love, not to mention that the person you secretly love doesn't know that you are secretly in love with yourself, so you have to face all this calmly. Some people are often envious when they see their secret lovers flirting with others all day long. It's not advisable to sow discord, damage other people's relations, or even take extreme actions. In the end, not only do you hurt yourself, but also innocent people.

3. Understand that the pain of secret love does not blame others, but comes from yourself. It's not a mistake, but a very normal phenomenon. In the process of secret love, you should straighten out your mind and face it with an open and open-minded attitude. Don't affect your normal work and life because of your secret love for someone, let alone abandon yourself. Love is the best thing to succeed. If you can't succeed, don't complain, because there will be another relationship waiting for you, but the fate that really belongs to you hasn't come yet.

4. If you want to turn secret love into normal love, you must take the first step bravely. First of all, we should persuade ourselves and believe in ourselves. If we flinch, we can only step in place. You need to find a way to get close to each other, gain the trust of each other, and then express your feelings to let them know what you really think. Only in this way can the other party pay attention to you and have a chance to come to you. Most women are slow in love, so you must not be too eager to succeed, so as not to let the other party feel that you have another attempt.

Secret love is a person's normal experience in the process of growing up, and it is also a necessary factor and condition for the formation of his love view. In fact, the process of secret love is the process of self-regulation. Only by showing the best of yourself and expressing love boldly can you finally achieve your beautiful love.