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How should we get out of the shadow of lovelorn? Here are some tips to use.

1. Face the reality.

Since the lover has broken up, there must be a reason. Maybe he or she doesn't love you. Maybe for another reason, he or she has to break up. At this time, you should accept this reality, don't blindly blame, blame may make you feel happy for a while, but it may crush the good memories; don't blame your natural lack of charm, you have your own unique scenery. Give up a dead emotion, you will suffer, but have a new love space, have a chance to choose again. Maybe, at the next stop, you will catch another happiness express.

2. Looking forward to the future.

There is a good saying, memories are beautiful, but the future is more charming. Lovelorn, we must have the determination to forget the past, forget all the happiness and sadness of the past, forget all his (her); we must also have the wisdom to look into the future, because the past has passed, we can't change, all we can do is to grasp the present and the future.

3. Tolerant and open-minded.

When a foot on the violet petals, it will leave the fragrance on the foot, this is tolerance. Hugo once said: "tolerance is like cool dew, watering the dry heart; tolerance is like a warm fireplace, warming the cold numbness of the heart; tolerance is like an immortal torch, lighting the fire to be extinguished under the iceberg; tolerance is like a magic flute, waking up the people sleeping in the dark." This is the power of tolerance, which can calm your mind and make you look comfortable. Being brave to take responsibility will not only damage your own dignity, but also save the face of the other party.

In life, there are many people who are lovelorn. Some people can recover in a proper time. Some people are afraid of suffering for a long time. In any case, remember: after lovelorn, it's important to come out of the shadow, to renew and sublimate oneself, and to actively transfer the pain of lovelorn with struggle.
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In the process of love, it is always unforgettable, but if one party always pays, it is easy to fall into too deep. If breaking up is bound to be difficult, then how can we get out of the shadow of lovelorn? Let's talk about some opinions of Xiaobian. Hope to help you!

1. Be clear about the past

After the break-up, in order to avoid seeing things and thinking about people, first of all, we should be clear about what happened with our predecessors, and discard all the souvenirs left behind, so as not to hurt ourselves by touching the scene.

2. Avoid living alone

During the period of lovelorn, we must avoid personal solitude. Such a person is easy to think, and even more extreme. Together with friends, we can also alleviate some pain of lovelorn.

3. Enrich free time

For leisure time, we must also make full use of it. Learning and playing are good ways to shift your attention and make you forget the pain quickly.

4. Traveling together

A good journey will also make you forget a person's existence. Looking at the beautiful scenery will soon get out of the pain of lovelorn. After all, life is not only about love.

5. Learn to vent

For their own buried pain, you can tell more with friends, do not digest alone, know how to release emotions, your emotions will go with it.

6. Treat new feelings rationally

Some people say that if you forget a relationship, you need a new relationship to be cured. In fact, Xiaobian doesn't recommend that you do this very much, or you need to be treated rationally. Otherwise, you can only hurt yourself.

In the emotional world, we have no idea about the other half's future. Therefore, when we are in love, we can have a good talk. When we break up, we can also be calm. After all, we can't change and control. Our happiness is the greatest happiness.