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Men can refer to the 7 criteria for mate selection!

Experts tell us that men mainly consider two orientations when choosing a mate: one is social orientation: economic conditions, family, occupation, etc.; the other is personal orientation: the appearance (appearance, body, color), quality (education, interest, cultivation), conduct (moral quality, social conduct), temperament (character, temper, etc.). Social orientation is a variable factor. During the cultural revolution, people's social orientation in choosing a mate was quite different from today's, while their personal orientation was relatively stable. For example, the first thing to look at the appearance is all over the world.

Men's standards of mate selection will also be affected by their own environment and culture when they are specific to each other. From the big aspect, the manual workers and the mental workers have their own value orientation of mate selection. The choice of a college professor's spouse is not the same as that of a porter. But we can't say that there is no common trend, because all men are for the purpose of organizing families, so we have basic common ground, resulting in the following common aspirations and standards.

1. Good appearance

This includes three aspects, one is the charm of appearance, the other is the body posture, and the third is the color of skin. Most men put the appearance condition in the first place, that is, focus on the sexual attraction and physical attraction of each other. If they are not satisfied, they often don't want to talk about it again, which is different from women's mate selection. A woman can't see the man at first sight, but she often takes other aspects related to the man into consideration, such as rich economic income, satisfactory family conditions, etc. The man himself has an enviable social status, even taking into account the fact that he and his mother are extremely attached to each other. Therefore, he will not reject the man at all, but is willing to make exploratory contact, which may lead to a marriage in the future.

2. Gentle and virtuous character

This is to value the natural beauty of women's temperament. In terms of personality, women tend to be "emotional and social orientation", while men tend to be "work achievement orientation". The so-called gentle and virtuous, in particular, is in the relationship between husband and wife, gentle and considerate; in dealing with people and things, gentle and gentle; in dealing with parents and children, virtuous and magnanimous.

3. Strong demand for sex

Compared with women, men pay more attention to sexual attraction. This point is connected with the first point "better shape". Some people have tested the man in the mate selection. Once he closed his eyes, his brain was full of the best actions, clothes and facial expressions of the woman, which is the beautiful fantasy and love thoughts caused by the sexual impulse. Young men's dream of "understanding desire and emotion" has a direct impact on their mate selection motivation, which is a normal physiological reaction and should not be regarded as obscene.

4. The woman is younger than herself

Since a man pursues a woman who is beautiful, pure, gentle, virtuous and sexy, it's natural to hope that his partner is younger. Generally speaking, women have strong attachment to men when they are younger, and men are most attracted and conquered by women. They complement each other and complement each other.

The above is the common trend of almost all men's mate selection, and the latter three points are the common trend of most men's mate selection.

5. Knowledgeable, but implicit

The man likes the spouse to have the knowledge, no one will like silly miss. However, the woman should know how to hide her knowledge and wisdom. Don't show off her cleverness on purpose. She should keep her duties and understand the world. Although the man is silent about this, she naturally obeys and respects the woman.

6. dexterity

Know how to "adapt to circumstances" and know when, where and how to comply with men.

7. Be considerate

If a wife is considerate of her husband's hard work and does not haggle over everything, she will not be stronger than her husband, who naturally likes her.
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Now the society is very realistic. Although there is no class division for people, the class division between people is more and more clear. There is no exception. The same is true in the marriage market. Some people divide the men in the marriage market into: loser man, Phoenix man, urban ordinary man, middle-class man, elite man, rich second generation, big rich first generation and so on.

What's their standard of mate selection? Let's listen to the details of love concentric circle:

1. Loser

It is short and poor, mostly from the bottom of the rural areas, small towns, no education, low income, no cars and no houses in the city.

They know their own conditions and generally have no special requirements. As long as they are female, they are willing to marry him. Even divorced people who don't have a baby can cope.

2. Phoenix male

Refers to a man who has been admitted to university from the countryside, works in the city, and stays by his own efforts and abilities. It's an upgraded version of loser man.

This kind of man is divided into two situations:

First, in the loser stage, we will consider to find a woman with similar education background and general appearance who can share weal and woe with him as a wife, such as a phoenix with similar situation.

Second, in the stage of upgrading to phoenix male, there are cars, houses, urban hukou, and the salary is not cheap. Their requirements start to change. At this time, they will consider looking for a girl with outstanding appearance, high education, work and family in the city as their wife.

3. Urban ordinary male

It refers to a man who has a city registered permanent residence, but has a normal income, family and appearance. A man who has a suite or does not have a room in the suburb needs to find a woman to provide a room together.

Generally, local excellent city women can't see them, because they think they are too common in all aspects and have no obvious advantages.

They generally don't mind marrying women from other places. As long as women are hardworking and down-to-earth, take care of their families and are willing to work hard with men, they are not demanding.

4. Middle class male

Refers to those who have urban accounts, parents have pension, and their family work in state-owned enterprises, central enterprises, banks and institutions. They usually have two or three houses in their family. Most of them have fixed assets and have no much cash flow.

They generally lack a sense of security and are picky about their mate selection. They are worried that they will be taken advantage of by women. Such men like to find civil servants, teachers and girls who have no burden at home.

You need cash to live. Find a wife with a stable job and share some pressure with yourself. Your family life will be more stable.

5. Elite male

It refers to those men with millions of salary, high EQ and middle class background. They are more thoughtful and capable. This type of man is generally in the financial, consulting, Internet industry.

They look at women with poisonous eyes. They are very popular in the marriage market. Their criteria for choosing a mate are all-round. They like a well-off family and cultivated little white rich in beauty.

6. Rich second generation

This type of man will generally find the right partner, because their marriage is not a matter of two people, it is a matter of two families. Now the traditional industry is not easy to do. Their parents want their children to find a wife who is also in business and has similar assets. They will not choose ordinary girls, the probability is almost zero.

7. The rich generation

This type of men choose women, regardless of each other's family background, because they are strong enough, as long as they like it. Many of them are out of interest, do not want to get married at all, just want to talk about their girlfriend having children.

A lot of bigwigs come from loser man. They suffer from the white eyes of women. They have some cancer symptoms of straight man. Want to find a good control, obedient, young and beautiful, can bear to spend a lot of time outside, to provide their emotional value of the other half. They usually like to have more children and give them a lot of money.

But also a kind of bigwig, did not abandon the wife of the chaff, still very good to her, give money to share. The red flag doesn't fall at home, and the colored flag floats outside.

The above is the real mate selection standard of men of all levels. If you have different opinions, you can leave a message to discuss.
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In fact, women's reality is not worth mentioning in front of men. Men, like women, are also very realistic. Just as women investigate men's past, men are keen to test women's present. They often play some tricks to get a full understanding of you. Because men know that in the early days of love, everyone is very good at camouflage themselves. Love and marriage are two different stages. Maybe a man will choose a sexy and attractive beauty as his love partner, but he may not regard her as his future marriage partner. When it comes to marriage, men are always very particular.

Modern men's criteria for choosing a mate I. don't be a coquettish wife

Being coquettish seems to be the patent and nature of women. Women who are coquettish will arouse men's inner desire for protection and make them feel strong. But if a man thinks about marriage, he doesn't want a little woman who can only act coquettishly. What he wants is a wife who can experience wind and rain together with him, who is strong, confident and has life interest.

When in love, or when young, a man will choose a coquettish woman as his girlfriend, which can show his manliness. But when it comes to choosing a wife, he doesn't. Men are very insecure animals, they are afraid that one day when they are no longer rich and lose their jobs, you will stay with them, so they will lose confidence in the future.

Society has given men a heavy responsibility to support their families and protect their families. From childhood, they were taught to be strong, not to cry, not to be weak, and to be like a man. In front of outsiders, he is very strong, but there are also weak and fragile times in his heart. They are vulnerable only in front of their closest people. So he needs a wife who can experience wind and rain with him, who is strong in heart and knows tolerance. He knows that only such a person can make him really reckless to fight and live.

Love and marriage are two different stages. Maybe a man will choose a sexy and attractive beauty as his love partner, but he may not regard her as his future marriage partner. When it comes to marriage, men are always very particular. Let's see what the hidden rules are when men choose women.

Modern men's criteria for choosing a mate

Now people often have an ambiguous relationship. When you are in love, you can keep an ambiguous relationship with other people, but if you want to associate with him, please cut off all the lovers of your ambiguous relationship.

Men are possessive animals. If they think they are their own things, they will not let others possess them at the same time. If you act frivolous and even wear a green hat for him, what is waiting for you is doomed to be a tragic ending.

When he thinks that you are not a casual woman and won't please other men through ambiguous relationship, he will feel that it's a happy thing to love you and it's not easy to get, and he will like you from the bottom of his heart. If you behave frivolously, then love will not last. It's also realistic for men to choose women, but they don't value the external reality, but they care more about the internal reality. Knowing the hidden rules of men choosing women, you should know how to shape a man's dream lover next.

Modern men's standard of mate selection

Believe it or not, a man will distinguish his wife from his lover. There are a lot of men, just like special functions, who can see through a woman in a very short time, and know that she is used for playing, or in love, or as a wife. Treat different women, men will pay different efforts, there will be different treatment.

For those women who just play, men also hold a playful mentality. After passion, you don't expect him to remember you; for those women who are used to fall in love, he is also very attentive to pay his feelings, but he won't be very strict with you, because he knows that love will eventually pass, you don't want to spend a lifetime with him, so he will be very tolerant to you; only For those who he thinks can be his wife, he will take care of little things with you, just hope you can do better, perfect...

A man can have several lovers, but only one wife. For him, a wife is like a house. To be stable, to be strong, it needs to take time and emotion to maintain to pursue and maintain together.

Love and marriage are two different stages. Maybe a man will choose a sexy and attractive beauty as his love partner, but he may not regard her as his future marriage partner. When it comes to marriage, men are always very particular.

Modern men's criteria for choosing a mate

Many people think that men's pursuit of women's beauty is the same as women's pursuit of men's money, which is an equivalent exchange. But that is limited to the stage of men's love.

Because it's about falling in love, not looking for a lover to spend his whole life together, so a man should pursue beautiful women and enjoy his body and mind. He can tolerate your ruthlessness, your careful eyes and other shortcomings. However, to be his lifelong partner, it is not enough to have a beautiful face, you need to have a good heart. You can't be beautiful, but you can't have a bad heart, which is the minimum standard for a wife.

Appearance will grow old with the passing of time. Only the beauty of mind will remain unchanged. A mature man will realize this more. Just like why the prince didn't choose Cinderella's elder sister in the end, because their hearts are vicious, and women with good qualities like Cinderella are the dream objects of many princes.

If you want to be a wife of a good quality man, please shape your mind from now on, which is a necessary quality for a wife.

Love and marriage are two different stages. Maybe a man will choose a sexy and attractive beauty as his love partner, but he may not regard her as his future marriage partner. When it comes to marriage, men are always very particular. Let's see what the hidden rules are when men choose women.