How to find a topic with girls?

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Be polite and smile before speaking to anyone.

When speaking, we should control the tone and voice size, and try to be gentle.

Don't need professional knowledge. Just talk about family life, entertainment and small things around you.

Don't be too inflexible in body and expression when speaking. Don't be afraid of failure when talking with girls. Be patient and confident.
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Chatting with girls is often a distressing thing. Obviously, I want to win the girl's favor, but often because I can't chat carelessly, I make the other party unhappy, and finally I leave unhappily. Do boys often encounter this situation, but do not know where they are wrong? Then come to Xiaobian, let Xiaobian teach you 10 chat skills with girls and help you catch up with the girls you like!

Listening tips

I. a sense of substitution

What is empathy? We should feel her happy and sad from the perspective of each other. For example, when a girl says she's dumped by her boyfriend, you have to put yourself in her experience. It seems that you are also a person who has fallen in love and is dumped by your beloved boyfriend. Imagine how you will feel in this situation. Do you have the same mood? After thinking about it like this, you can say to her, "no wonder you are in such a low mood. It's hard for me to fall asleep when I'm lovelorn. Will you?"

On the one hand, this kind of answer can let her know that you can understand her feelings very well, on the other hand, it can also let her feel that you care for her. In addition, you need to continue to ask, let her then confide to you. However, it should be noted that some people may not like to keep asking about their experiences.

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2. Set psychological suggestion

You can set some voice to remind yourself from time to time that what you are doing is just a normal chat. This helps us:

1. Put forward different views and ideas tactfully. Don't say "nonsense, clearly..." but say "is it really like this? I've seen different situations... "Is that more acceptable?

2. Tell yourself to ask more questions. After finishing your thoughts and opinions, use "what do you think?" That's the end of the story. This provides a sense of participation and avoids talking on your own for a long time.

3. Remind yourself that when arguing, there should be no more than five sentences.

4. Tell yourself that you can let the other party get a "sense of identity" by telling about your similar experiences.

5. When necessary, appropriate body language can also be used, such as hitting the palm or handing over a tissue at the right time.

6. Even if you don't agree with each other, you can't mock each other. This is to dig your own grave and only alienate you.

7. Of course, pay attention to your intonation and tone when you speak

III. tips for topic attraction

If you really want girls to be interested in you, your conversation must be interesting to her. Only in this way can she think you are a funny person and pay attention to you. If your conversation is boring, even if it's because she can't get to your topic, she will think that the reason is you, because you are a boring person. Therefore, it is very important to have a conversation. Even if she is talking most of the time, as long as you interest her and let her say, she will feel that you are not bad and that you know her.

Therefore, pay attention to the following points:

1. Show understanding and approval of her point of view

Many AFCS in the beginning of learning bubble, the most likely mistake is always to suppress. If the girl you are facing is not very confident, it will make her think you are very impolite and arrogant to suppress her all the time. Therefore, novices should not easily use pressure. On the contrary, when chatting, it is easier for people to show their approval and understanding consciously or unconsciously. We all hope to find someone who understands us.

2. Create opportunities for her to find you - always leave

A lot of boys always end up talking when they have nothing to say. In fact, people will be most impressed by the beginning and the last part of a thing. If a conversation ends when there is no words, the girl remembers that you end up talking when there is no words. In this way, the other party will find it boring to chat with you, and will attribute the reason to you. So, if you want her to look forward to you, you need to give her a chance to find you. You can end the conversation at the beginning of the conversation, so that the other party's meaning is not exhausted.

3. Let the other party express their feelings

Choose a pleasant place, listen to music and wind. Listen to each other attentively in an atmosphere free from constraints. You can also talk about each other's dreams, struggles, likes and regrets. In the spiritual communication, giving some advice and encouragement properly will make the other party feel valued. You will feel that you are a person who can make friends with each other. You will not only have more trust in you, but also may want to talk to you and rely on you as soon as something happens.

4. In the chat content, try to make some ambiguous jokes, such as riddles like toothbrush.

Guide herself to think about sex, and then take the opportunity to tease her about how she thinks all day long. If she doesn't respond very well and thinks you're funny, she can be more direct next time. But if she is serious and unhappy about this kind of joke, it means that she is not prepared for it, and you should slow down. Whether it's chatting or learning, it's a process of constantly learning new things. If you want to catch a girl, you need to learn this skill well. Are these useful? Use it quickly!

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Here are some taboos and tips

1. Chatting is not proper or too teasing

Many friends read some dating learning materials, learned about Aojiao's humor and some cases of flirting with women, and began to imitate since they thought they had gained a lot. For example, when a girl is just added, sex is introduced without chatting for two sentences. People clearly dislike this kind of topic, or throw out sex topic blindly before talking about sex topic.

Here is a very simple example. Some people say the first sentence on a stranger is "about?" , I didn't get a reply after 20 posts, which is deserved. These two words can be sent, but they should be sent at the right time. If you don't chat a few words, start chatting. No one should pay attention to you.

How do you understand that? It's not steady and smooth. When we talk, we don't pay attention to discretion. People talk to you about business, and you make a funny reply. In this case, people don't think you are very interesting, but they think you are not reliable. It's OK to make fun of it, but it should be done at the right time. When the other party makes it clear that they don't want to make fun of you, they should stop.

2. Talk to yourself

Also some people, read some stories that tell great truth, and every time they chat with girls, they send these stories in large numbers, thinking that they are very deep. The result is not only that people don't feel the deep meaning, but also that they are pulled black.

I said brother, when you talk, do you think about other people's feelings? What do you think of the girl? The girl's reply is very plain. Just give me an ellipsis. You should understand that people are not interested. They should stop. Don't go on like this.

And when chatting with a girl, try to keep the same frequency and pace. She can return two messages to you, and you can return two or three messages to her, so as to balance. Of course, this is not a dead rule. We should be flexible.

In addition, there are some times when a girl sends a lot of posts. You can only reply a few words. For example, if she did something wrong and apologized to you and sent out a lot of articles for a long time, it doesn't matter if you return. You are a very sincere girl. This sentence shows that your attitude is generous. It's enough. You don't need to send a lot of past.

3. Talk about areas that you are not familiar with or girls are familiar with

It's like when you're dating, you're going to choose a place that you're familiar with. We all know that we should take advantage of our strengths and avoid our weaknesses. This is also the case when we chat with girls. When chatting, we should also bring the topic to the field we are good at. Never discuss Korean dramas with girls.

It's better to find a topic that both people are interested in. For example, emotional topics, such as travel, food, and so on, are generally of interest to girls. But I think it's still a little more casual. Don't go out of your way to find topics.

4. Discuss negative energy or embarrassment

There should be a lot of people lying on guns. Most people think that it's good to make girls happy by chasing girls, so they take out their own and other people's embarrassments to make girls happy. But I don't know. This kind of behavior is very low.

It's OK twice at a time, but if it's always like this, it will appear that you are surrounded by silly friends and make yourself look very good.

5. Talk about other men or gossip

Since it's my own sister, don't talk about other men. Do you know that?

Besides, we can't talk about gossip. This is a little like the third taboo. Once a woman talks about gossip, she can't stop. So, you must talk with her. This day should be around you two.

6. Explain your own behavior

Explanation is to cover up this sentence. Boys don't treat girls as fools. They will believe you if they explain a few words. In this era of PUA flooding, there are fewer and fewer silly girls, more girls with brains and ideas. What do you think, girls often know that others are also growing up in love. They are more transparent than you. It's hard to get things back as soon as they happen. You should accept the facts rather than expect to save the disappointed heart of the girl through explanation. If you can take them, you should let them go.

7. Understand the girl's character

If you want to make the other person feel good for you, you also need to find out the character and temperament of the other person. You need to find out which type she belongs to, whether she is outgoing, gentle and introverted, or sentimental. Otherwise, the other side is clear and quiet, but you are chattering away, the other side is clear and outgoing, but you have to act like a melancholy prince. Needless to say, no girl is meant to be interesting to you.

8. Cling to a girl

They all say don't hang on a tree. There are so many women in the world. There are no best, only better and better girls. Think about it. When she talks to you, there may be other boys talking to her, but you only talk to her. That's not a loss. Other girls have their own choices. You should have your own.

9. Judge girls' preferences

After we get to know the style of the girl, we need to know more about his preferences. Do you like reading, watching movies, listening to songs, shopping, playing games, drinking juice, tea and coffee, sour or sweet? All these need you to feel clearly quietly. Don't be too anxious and eager to ask all the questions, so people think you are just as upset as checking your account. According to the girl's character, we should guide them up slowly and ask them a little bit. Also, after people tell you her preferences, you must remember them.

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10. Enter her heart

Of course, it's not enough to only understand the personality preferences. Finally, the most important thing is to go into the inner world of a girl and find out what her inner world is. In this way, she will feel that you know her well and can't forget you. After all, some girls seem bright and lively on the surface, sharp in language and boundless in pride, but they are fragile and pessimistic in heart, and even have some inferiority. At this time, you need to come into her and protect her. Boys must be clear, no matter what kind of character this girl is, no one will like a boy who doesn't understand his heart.

When most boys and girls chat, they will meet the situation that girls don't pay much attention to you. In fact, this is because you don't master the skills of chatting with girls and can't chat. After reading today's article, is there any harvest, is it suddenly bright? If Xiaobian says that you don't understand, then Xiaobian really can't help it.
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Topic skills of chatting with girls

1. Do not use direct Q & A for chat. If so, sometimes it is difficult to continue chatting, and the atmosphere of chatting is very dull.

2. Chatting is not a one-to-one thing. Don't wait for her to say it. Be proactive

3. Say more compliments. Girls like to listen to them.

4. If the other party is suddenly silent, they may not know how to say it or are not interested in what they say. You don't have to ask, try to change the topic, break the embarrassment of the situation.

5. From the perspective of chatting, we should start from caring and caring for each other.

6. Chat more about the trivial things in life. It's best to express it in a humorous way.

7. When chatting involves emotional issues, don't ask, especially after questioning. It can be said that time flies well together and it's very kind to chat with you... She tells you a certain state. She brings it to you and makes it up by herself.

8. Chat with humor. If you can manage humor successfully, it's easy to get a good impression.

9. Chat should be enough. The time of a chat should not be too long. The feelings are slowly cultivated. The main reason is that the atmosphere of the chat is very harmonious.

10. Chat, try to focus on the topics that girls are interested in, but at the same time, you should take the initiative.

11. Make yourself talkative. We need more books, more knowledge and more Association. For example, when it comes to oranges, we should think about the difference between oranges and oranges, the place of origin, the advantages and disadvantages of eating oranges, why some of them are sour, what are the functions of yellow fruits, and other fruits...

12. In order to make each other like themselves, we should fully show our man's side. Personality, responsibility, humor, consideration...

14. When chatting to answer questions, you may not use the normal way of answering.

15. Humor is very important, but it should be appropriate, and do not use some cold humor.

16. It's very simple to chat with girls and take what they like.

17. Chat, try not to use it, en, oh... And so on.

18. Every word you say, a little longer, shows that you are attentive, not coping...

19. Learn to introduce topics when chatting, and don't block topics.

20. I don't know how to say it. I should know how to do it.
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1. Accumulate topics

Chatting is a jumping process, the topic often has a jumping. In comparison, that is, the accumulation of dialogue, Yuan CAI and experience put forward higher requirements! So in daily life, we should focus on the accumulation of chatting materials. For example: anecdotes, funny topics, interesting pictures and personal adventure.

2. Master the way of thinking

Men's thinking is suitable for solving problems, while women's thinking is more suitable for maintaining relationships. Therefore, in the process of attracting girls, you may as well adopt more women's thinking. Otherwise, it is difficult to continue the topic or relationship by using rational men's thinking to chat with perceptual women's thinking.

3. Be good at singing and getting recognition

In many cases, girls only want to seek the identity of the opposite sex in the process of communication, rather than exchange ideas or expand ideas. Therefore, in the process of chasing girls, you must learn to listen and gain the recognition of the other party. You can communicate with the other party personally and use the sense of substitution to shorten the distance between you. Remember: whether it's face-to-face chat or phone call, three points are content, seven points are tone and attitude.