What are the tips for a first date?

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I have to know a few dating tips. Knowing these details helps boys avoid detours.

I learned the trick of dating and somehow I found it. I would certainly appreciate your frankness in some matters. To make your dating process sweeter, here are three concepts that I hope I'll know when I'm dating.

1. Find common ground

My husband got great advice on dating: "men and women are different enough. Find someone who has something in common with you. " After 11 years of marriage, I agree - men and women are different. The more you have in common, the easier it is to adapt to marriage.

Yes, opposites can be attractive, but they can sometimes be challenging together. Don't misunderstand me: there will be differences between you and your spouse. No matter how similar you are, there must be enough ways to make you different. But the difference is different from the opposite. Over time, you will want to begin to appreciate and value these differences. But don't look for someone different from you.

If you really want a super mate, make sure you're super (inside and outside). like attracts like. Take a moment to look in the mirror. What positive qualities and qualities do you see? What are you good at? Pay attention to your greatness. Note that this is not because you are self-centered, but because you are trying to identify your partner. By identifying the first half of your soul mate - yourself - you will be more able to find your super mate.

2. Spend your best friend's wedding

When you are looking for your soul mate, so is your best friend. What happens when your best friend finds love in front of you? One of my clients shared the following: "when my friend got married, it was very painful. I don't know what to do. Especially when my best friend is engaged. Her story is something we always dream and pray about - I'm going to get married and move to another city, yeah! But my story is to say goodbye to my roommate of five years, looking for a new roommate, a new good friend and a husband. "

A married girl may not be completely obsessed with the impact her marriage will have on her best friend. Most likely, the "left behind" friend doesn't think much about how marriage will affect her best friend's life. Both sides are consumed by changes in their lives.

You can deal with change in a balanced way - remember yourself and others. Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings. Take care of yourself first. But after you take care of yourself, it's time to think about your friends. Marriage is one of the biggest pressures in life. This is not to scare you, but to prepare you. Keep in touch with your friends. After the party, he will need the most support. When the fun is over and the buzz of life rings, your friends will need your ears to listen, your shoulders to cry, and more friendship than ever before. I know you need your friends, too!

3. Believe you can succeed

If you believe that things will succeed, dealing with your life may not be frustrating. You will be able to complete the dating process more easily and have greater confidence in God. You may even stop worrying about the process because you know it will end. It's like watching a movie in your life, you know the result, and then you go back to the middle of the story and relive it all the time. You will experience inner peace in this part of your life, rather than being frustrated by the seemingly long and arduous journey.

If you can see the plan behind the scenes, your current world experience may be easier. You can even feel that this is "everything is the best." At the end of the process, you will have your spouse! Even more than your spouse, you will have the best self! This is who you are and who you become. How do you act and react in the moment? Depending on your behavior, you will feel good or bad. What happens in life. Expressing your best self through it will help you feel good about yourself, simplify the process and get the best results.
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Dating is a technical job. It's hard to build attraction in a girl's heart if your dating skills are mediocre. If you want to let Meizhi stop talking to you, there must be no awkward atmosphere when dating and chatting. So how to control the dating atmosphere so that the girls feel that this date is very natural and not embarrassing?

The technique of not being embarrassed to date a girl for the first time

1. Focus on accumulation of topics

Chatting is a jumping process, the topic often has a jumping. Therefore, chatting puts forward higher requirements for the accumulation of topics, materials and experience.

According to the school of dance and step, most people often show a lack of material accumulation in the process of chatting, rather than skills. Of course, the importance of chatting skills can only be demonstrated when you have enough inventory in your stomach.

However, the reality is that most people's topics, experience and knowledge are so poor that they can't compete with chat skills at all!

2. Master the thinking mode

From the perspective of gender, thinking mode can be divided into two categories, which have been elaborated in psychology for a long time:

(1) male way of thinking. This kind of thinking mode has the following characteristics: heap up, abstract summary, make evaluation, solve problems, explore motivation, predict the future, establish cause and effect, reasoning summary, defense negation, purpose first, result oriented, taking objective as the standard.

(2) women's way of thinking. Cutting down, specific details, expressing feelings, describing problems, focusing on the past, comparing with the present, listing phenomena, discussing matters on the spot, opening up and affirming, forgetting the purpose, living in the present, and taking self as the standard.

3. Be good at listening and gain recognition

In many cases, people just want to express their feelings in order to seek recognition. Instead of exchanging ideas or expanding ideas. Therefore, we must learn how to listen in order to gain the recognition of each other. However, listening is neither consistent with the person you are talking to nor debating their views.

The essence of listening lies in the penetration of "Empathy" into the situation, feelings and experience of the chat object, so as to guide the other party to continue to express feelings. In other words, it is to be able to think from other people's perspectives, positions and psychological perspectives.

4. Measure what the girl cherishes in her heart

First of all, you should think about what kind of girl this is and measure what she values most in her heart. Girls usually avoid compliments, which are easier to accept if they feel the same way about themselves. Pay attention to why she is proud and praise those things.

5. Think about what she values about you or others

Think back to your previous conversations, find traits she values but doesn't think she has, and praise her. Maybe you notice that she told you that she likes you to strive for what you want, and she is just as diligent. You may have noticed that she said that she would like her body to be like who and who, but you think her body is better. It's important to think about whether she really has the compliment you want. If you tell her what she's good at and she doesn't feel that way, she'll think you're not telling the truth.

6. Praise her achievements

You can also praise her achievements. In this way, she has a certain degree of control, and reflects what kind of person she is. Think about it. Has she tried anything?

Or what has she done that you admire? For example, helping others, or making the right choice under difficult circumstances, praise her. What's important is that the qualities you praise should not be something she might lose or disappear over time. This means that she should not be afraid to lose this trait and be happy to think about your compliment later.

Dating skills are all learned. The most important thing is how to internalize into your own things and make these characteristics become what you subconsciously show. Girls are very sensitive and pay attention to the details. They can easily detect the little details you do for her in the dating.
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Tips for dating girls

1. Keep the balance of communication

When we are dating each other, if we talk about each other's listening all the time, you will not know what to talk about quickly, and will not make the atmosphere very awkward, so we need to keep the balance of communication and say the same time. For example, you can use the method of Q & A to let the other person talk, try to talk about some topics of interest to the other party, so that the other party can talk and interact.

2. Pay attention to facial expression and eye contact

The first date is a trial process, so you need to control your facial expression, even if the other party says something you don't agree with, don't show disrespect and other expressions, at the same time, you need to pay attention to eye contact with the other party, which can be maintained for a long time, until you see the other party shy and look away.

3. Say something about you

For the first date with a girl, if you don't know what to talk about, you can talk about your childhood embarrassment, and try to make the dating atmosphere more relaxed and pleasant. The other party knows your "secret" so as not to embarrass you, and will share some of her "secrets" with you, so that you will have a common secret.

4. Prepare in advance

The first date must be very tense. If we want to eliminate the tension, you can make some preparations in advance, such as knowing more about each other, their eating habits, favorite stars, etc. The more you know, the more you can eliminate your tension. If you know enough about each other, you will not lack topics and know what they are interested in. At the same time, it will also make the other party have a sense of identity with you. For example, if the other party doesn't like spicy food, you will order non spicy food when you order.

5. Can't talk to girls

For the first date with a girl, you need to know the taboo of chatting, and what topics are not suitable for the first date, such as salary, family, ex boyfriend, other people's feelings towards you, etc. you need to know that these people generally don't answer you when chatting, and it's easy to cause the other party's antipathy, which makes the atmosphere very awkward.

6. Prepare a little gift

If you have a survey of girls in advance, you can choose some small gifts according to the preferences of girls. The first date gives girls small gifts, which can reflect your carefulness and romance and leave a good impression on girls. After all, girls like surprises. Of course, do not give too expensive gifts, too expensive gifts, the other party may not accept.