How to keep romantic love fresh

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In the long years, we are accompanied by time, with the passage of time, we gradually find that time has taught us to love and be loved. Time can make us understand love, fall in love, understand love and feel love, but it can also fight against love, overthrow love and destroy love. We can't stand the wind and waves. We are lost in the romantic love sea. Even if we are afraid of being too tired, we don't like to fall and climb, climb and fall again. But we are still not afraid or panic, because we must have a way to keep the romantic love fresh. Where we can get out of the difficulties, we will make a comeback.

1. Preservatives - encouragement and praise

When two people know each other, they are the perfect lovers in their hearts. When they can't help falling into the whirlpool of love, they are easily shocked by happiness, which is often called "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". One said, in our hearts, the other is the best. So we are used to expressing sincere praise to each other even if they encounter some obstacles. We will still smile and pat them on the shoulder, or give them a big hug directly, saying that I believe in you and encourage them. For a long time, each other's nature has gradually emerged. We have begun to look at each other with a dialectical perspective, and the relationship has been slightly consolidated. We no longer treat each other with the initial enthusiasm, praise and encouragement, which have long been forgotten by time. But because of these seemingly unintentional words, the feeling of love has been greatly reduced. To prevent love from rotting, don't forget to convey love, praise and encouragement sincerely at the right time. No one is willing to refuse such a hot feeling.

2. Disinfectants - appropriate freedom

In fact, many times, lovers are more like birds. If you put it in a cage, it will want to fly out, but if you give it freedom, it will have feelings for you. Therefore, in order to make love in a romantic state, we must control our desires. No matter where and at any time, lovers should not be our personal belongings. Give each other a relative privacy space and a certain privacy time. This kind of love will not only make each other more relaxed, but also colorful. This kind of love will attract each other and will not let go. If love is imprisoned and bound, what is the happiness and satisfaction?

3. Preservatives - keep mysterious

Distance produces beauty, which makes sense. Not only men, but also women have the desire to conquer. When conquering a person and a heart, we will feel satisfied and proud. So it's only when we get out of control that the other person becomes more fascinated with us. Even though we may have established a relationship long ago, in order to keep fresh, love sometimes needs secrets. If we can reserve something, we can always keep the mystery, let each other want to dig, love is always fresh and delicious. Turn yourself into a book, and then turn this book into a good one. You will never finish reading it. Let your lover spend the rest of his life, reading, tasting and cherishing you all the time.

4. Bactericide - committed to achieving sexual harmony

There is a permanent and chaotic relationship between love and sex, and with the times, sex is not only a category of marriage, two people have become the relationship between men and women, and sex has become a key link. If I love you not only from the heart, but also from the body, reaching every inch of your skin, will you have a deeper attachment to me? The answer is yes, love of sex is not easy to deteriorate, because this special moistening can bring you different heart rate acceleration.

A machine that has been used for a long time is easy to break down, so we usually have to maintain it. Drinking milk for a long time is easy to change taste, so it should be refrigerated when not drinking. A love, if the time is too long, it is easy to get tired, so learn to manage love and keep romance.