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Common faults and treatment methods for fully automatic box openers

1, the tape paper is constantly cut

1. The blade is too high to scratch the box.

2. The blade is too low, which tends to cause the tape to cut continuously.

3. The cutter force is too small to adjust the size of the cutter holder.

2, the tape can not be pressed (the box is not pressed)

1. The quality of the tape is not good or the one-way rubber wheel is broken.

2. After the tape head is not smooth: adjust the pressure wiper cylinder throttle valve to make it faster

3. Tape wrinkling: adjust the front rubber wheel spring force

3, send the box card box

1. The bar space is too small.

2. Is the carton deformed?

3. Is the suction cup suction cup intact?

4, the box card box

1. The datum surface does not match the front bottom of the carton.

2. The height of the up and down power is not correct.

3. It is not good to fold up and down.

4. The front and back folding cover is not good.

5, sucking, not good

1. Check that the air pressure meets the requirements.

2. Is the suction cup intact?

3. Whether the carton is flat.

4. The suction centerline and the carton side flaps are not always online.

6, the machine can not start normally

1 The power supply is not properly connected. Check and turn on the power.

2 Emergency stop button resets without reset.

3 Turn on the button and replace the new product.

7, sucker failure

Cause: The suction cup is damaged or the air pressure is not enough.

Remedy: Replace the new product or adjust the air pressure.

8, the tape is abnormal

1. The tape is cut continuously.

Treatment: The blade is not sharp or the tape film is stuck on the tip of the blade. Replace the blade to clean the blade and oil.

2, the tape has been cut but dragged a section.

Treatment method: The knife seat is stuck, the movement is not flexible or the spring is not tight enough. Check the screws of each part of the tape holder or adjust the spring force of the tension spring.

3. The tape is cut but not attached to the box surface.

The main tension spring is too loose, and the rear wheel rebound speed cannot match the belt speed, and the main tension spring screw is moderately locked.

4. The carton is stuck in the middle and is stuck.

The main tension spring is too tight, the front wheel is trapped in the middle, and the main tension spring of the tape wheel is moderately relaxed.

5, the tape is easy to fall off.

One-way roller loses performance Replace new one-way roller