How to Clean Dr. Martens Shoes?

How do you take care of Dr Marten boots?

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The first step: remove the dust

Use the old towel to clean the dust on the upper and remove the dust from the side of the shoe.

Step 2: Remove dirt

Use a detergent to clean the dirt on the surface of the shoe.

Use a little toothbrush to get a little shoe cleaner, also called a detergent, and clean the surface of the shoe and the edge of the shoe. Remember that you can't drink too much water. Then dry it quickly with a towel.

The third step: hit the cream

Wipe with a soft cloth like the one that wipes the glasses. The role of the cream is to give the cortex a moisturizing effect.

The fourth step: shoe polish

Wipe with a soft cloth, do not use a rough cloth. If there are wrinkles or wrinkles, it is necessary to rub more oil. After rubbing the shoe polish, put it on for about 5-10 minutes to let the shoes absorb it. Do not rub too much oil at a time and pay attention to the thickness of the uniform, otherwise the shoes will be out of shape, the leather will be smudged.

Step 5: Polishing

After the cream is cleaned, wait for 5 minutes to let the shoes absorb well. Finally, polish the shoes with a polishing cloth. The so-called polishing is to wipe the surface of the shoes with a soft cloth. The effect of polishing is to make the shoes look like Glossy.